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Top 10 Things

you can do to make an impact

in your daily life

1 - Stop buying products that contribute to deforestation (example: reduce beef intake)

2 - Speak up in your community. Write to your local government and talk to your neighbors (remember to share a call to action, as well as bring awareness to the issue)

3 - Start your own awareness->action group. Often, the greatest impact is created when we can join others together with a common goal.


4 - Join the Unify global meditations here.

5 - Reduce your paper and wood consumption. Double-check with Rainforest Alliance that what you're buying is considered rainforest-safe. You can also purchase rainforest-safe products from the alliance's site.

6 - Use the internet responsibly. is a search engine that plants a tree for every 45 searches you run. 

7 - Sign petitions. Find out more here


8 - If you're looking for a new job, consider working for a non-profit or values

-based business. 

9 - Use your personal network (both in person and digitally) to spread awareness - not just of the problem - but of the solution. Include a positive call to action everytime you share. 

10 - If you own a business, find a way to make doing-good-in-the-world part of your business model

11 - Organize your own local fundraiser and donate the profits to your chosen initiative. This currently has greater impact than donating time to a specific initiative most of whom are currently overrun with volunteers.

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