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The past two years have brought us through something together as humanity that binds us to this common experience.  It gives us an opportunity to emerge together into something intentional in a way never possible before.

A number of organizations around the world are conducting Global Meditations on 2.22.2022, just a couple of weeks from now. Perhaps this moment is the perfect opportunity for us to awaken to the Truth of who we really are and what is possible together through Unity and Love.


With full hearts, we humbly request you to join us on 2.22.2022 on - it would mean the absolute world to us and to so many people who need to come together in love, safety, clarity, coherence, and peace during these times.  We need to be present with each other now.


Science has shown that when a collective group of people take a moment to meditate together with intention, healing can occur, violence can be reduced, and a calm state of peace can emerge


The world is certainly ready for a collective reconnection.  Let us join together - with intention -  in a wave of light around the world and pave the way for the new that is to come, rippling out peace, love, harmony, and unity across our shared planet.


May Divine Light prevail in our world and may we all feel the wave of something GREATER than all of us yet ever-present in ALL of us!

2.22.2022 Global Peace Meditation.jpg
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