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Kanye West Confirms Release Date Of New Album Jesus Is King

Kim Kardashian just leaked the tracklist for a possible Kanye West gospel album, Jesus Is King. In the days following the charitable Ohio event, Kim Kardashian West shared an image to her social media pages t hat alluded to Kanye bringing a brand new religious-themed album titled Jesus Is King on September 27. One of the songs on the tracklist is called "Sweet Jesus," and Kanye may have given unknowing Dayton fans a glimpse into his new tune.

An album titled Jesus Is King would not come as a shock to devout followers of West's "Sunday Service" gatherings , a series of recent performances that many have speculated to be album promo. No one has been able to confirm if indeed Jesus Is King is legit going to be Ye's next project. C. I started this list by creating a playlist of songs I really enjoyed from each album.

The post, which features a praying hands emoji, has a photo of a notebook listing that seems to list to be the album's title, Jesus is King, as well as a 12-song tracklist and September 27th release date. The tracks are the first new songs by Pusha T since his 2018 album Daytona, which was also produced by West and garnered Pusha T a Grammy nomination. The title Jesus Is King” is written on a white piece of paper along with 12 religious-themed track titles including God Is,” Baptized,” Selah,” and Sweet Jesus.” The date September 27th is written at the bottom.

The picture, taken from West's perspective, shows a notebook open to a page titled Jesus Is King.” Below it is a list of what appears to be song titles. West previously announced that he would release album Yandhi in September of 2018. Kim Kardashian West may have just released the track list and release date for her husband, Kanye West 's, next album. The tracklist that was released last week gives us a glimpse into Kanye's heart behind the album, with songs like, Garden”, Baptized”, Wake The Dead” and more.

Amid all the leaks from Kanye West ‘s highly-anticipated album Yandhi , a tracklist for some sort of project was unveiled by his wife and reality television show queen Kim Kardashian via Twitter on Friday (August 29). There is only a month until the album's release, so let's hope it doesn't do a Yandhi and disappear completely. Peep the expected tracklist for Jesus Is King below.

The album appears to be called Jesus Is King and could be released on September 27th, according to a handwritten note shared by Kim Kardashian West. Jesus King Of Kings song from the album Jesus King Of Kings is released on Feb 2015 The duration of song is 04:37. The titles listed on Kardashian's photo include Cade”, Garden”, Selah”, God Is”, Baptized”, Sierra Canyon”, Hands On”, Wake the Dead”, Water”, Through the Valley”, Sunday” and Sweet Jesus” - hinting at a possibly religious-themed album.

The record appears to be called Jesus Is King and it looks set to arrive on September 27. Check out the tweet below. Focus on the album is totally on God and what Christian faith is all about. The mysterious and long-awaited Yandhi, an album the musician has been teasing for a long time, remains missing in action. Kanye also known as Yeezus announced the news on his website on saying the album was initially supposed to be released under the name Yandhi.

Fans are super stoked by the development, after a long wait for the album that was previously rumored under the name ‘Yandhi', which was set to release on Black Friday 2018. These delays are not the only times West has decided to release the album later than expected. The 12-song tracklist shows the album will feature songs called 'Baptized', 'Sweet Jesus' and 'Sunday'.

Kim Kardashian West posted a photo to Twitter, hinting that her husband, Kanye West's, new album may indeed be called Jesus Is King. In September 2018, the rapper announced his upcoming album, Yandhi, though the release date was pushed and then postponed indefinitely. His wife had also promoted the upcoming album on Twitter by posting a snap of a couple of song titles.

Now, it appears as though this gospel influence will shine through on what appears to be Kanye's upcoming album, with Kim Kardashian sharing a tracklist for a record titled Jesus Is King. The authenticity of King’s verses along with solid contributions from J1 and Denim Deleon makes “Why” one the album’s best tracks. Granted, this is Kanye we're talking about, which means fans shouldn't actually count on getting a new album until it's blasting through their speakers.

Jesus is King” will be West's ninth studio album, following the 2018 release of Ye.” West and Kardashian had previously teased the release of a project named Yandhi,” originally planned for a Black Friday 2018 release before West delayed it indefinitely. If Kanye actually sticks to the September 27 release date, Jesus Is King will be the follow-up to 2018's Ye But knowing Yeezy's history of switching up album titles, tracks, artwork and release dates, anything can go. Los Angeles, CA - Kanye West has confirmed September 27 as the release date for his upcoming spiritual album Jesus Is King.

West could enjoy an additional streaming boost if he simply uploads his album to streaming services right at midnight, rather than waiting until late morning like he did with Ye and Kids See Ghosts. He also previewed a ‘Jesus Is King' song, ‘Water', at his Sunday Service performance at Coachella and recently produced a new Pusha T song, ‘Sociopath'. 1. Kanye West Jesus Is King Album Tracklists Mp3 Download.

Last September, just three months after releasing his album Ye, Kanye West announced another new album called Yandhi. Stay tuned for more info regarding the king's album, Jesus Is King. Kanye West has confirmed that his new album ‘Jesus Is King' will arrive later this month. Lombardo played the rest of the God Hates Us All tour, then worked with the band on the albums Christ Illusion and World Painted Blood.

First announced by Kim Kardashian and later confirmed by Kanye himself, Jesus is King is set to drop on Friday, September 27. Other Album Tracks. Jesus Is King looks set to arrive on September 27. The tracklist notably features "Water," a song that West performed during his Sunday Service event at the Coachella Music and Arts festival earlier this year. West's most recent album, Ye, was released in June of 2018.

Of course, after he promised an album called Yandhi last year, it never actually arrived, so there's no telling if this project will actually manifest. The fans, as stated on the website, literally worship the mega social icon, pop star, designer and idol of the church of Yeezianity, who, at the time, was none other than, famed rapper Kanye West. However, he's never released an entire religion-themed album before.

At the bottom of the piece of paper reads "September 27th," hinting that this could be the date that West drops his new album. Nevertheless, the Wyoming sessions yielded West his eighth No. 1 album in Ye, which debuted with 208,000 equivalent album units, of which 85,000 were traditional album sales—not bad for an album with only seven songs. West has yet to reveal if Jesus Is King is his new album or if it has any connection to Yandhi.

Following some cryptic messages from Kim Kardashian 's Twitter account last month, we now have confirmation straight from Kanye West himself that a new album '” likely titled Jesus Is King '” is dropping on September 27. This potential LP or project will follow the release of Kanye West's eighth studio album ' Ye ' which dropped back in June of 2018. At one point during the singer's set, Ye took to the stage to announce that his forthcoming album, Jesus Is King, will arrive next Friday.

Before this, the rapper released five albums that he made in approx five weeks. At his Coachella performance, West premiered one of the songs shown featured on the track list; a song titled Water.” With many of these concerts over the course of the year, West has already given fans a big taste of what to expect from this brand new album. A new Kanye West project was teased on Kim Kardashian 's Twitter on Thursday.

Here are four reasons why Jesus Is King will outsell Ye in its first week and beyond—if he actually releases it. The band has released 5 studio albums and topped metal charts in metal magazines. Nuclear Family” is the highlight of this album, and that's a damn shame, because it's probably the best song in the entire Trilogy, meaning the full collection of 37 songs peaks at Track One.

Kim Kardashian surprised the world last week when she posted a picture of a tracklist for Jesus Is King. Fans might be a bit bitter that Yandhi hasn't arrived, but Kanye West reportedly has more surprises up his sleeve, gearing up to release Jesus Is King next month. Ironically, Kanye was set to release ‘ Yandhi ‘ on September 29, 2018, so many are speculating that the project is obsolete and ‘Jesus is King' is its replacement.

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