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Guys, if you are big fan of The Taylor Swift music albums and searching for leaks of Lover album! Then you are in right place beacause we are having leak of this album, So to download album just click on below link and follow some simple steps to download album.

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And sure enough, when Swift released her Lover track list in mid-August, she confirmed the collab. Taylor Swift's new album Lover sets new Apple Music record. That tradition, she said, continues with "The Archer," which sounds like it'll be one of the more intimate offerings from Lover — she said it shows "a glimpse into another side of the album" that previously released singles "ME!" and "Calm Down" didn't cover.

Check out Taylor Swift's alleged Lover album tracklist, below: A fan has allegedly leaked Taylor Swift 's Lover album song tracklist online. Every day until the release of my new album, Lover, I'll be sharing unreleased lyrics that nobody's seen before," Swift explained in a video posted to Twitter on Tuesday.

In honor of her new release, 24/7 Wall Street is counting down the most popular Taylor Swift albums, starting with her 2012 release "Red," which featured Swift working in numerous different musical styles. Of course, Lover wouldn't be a Taylor Swift album if there weren't a few songs about her personal life. Sonically, the album also seems to be veering away from the heavier, beat-driven pop of Reputation, as Swift returned to work with 1989 collaborator Jack Antonoff and teamed up for the first time with New Zealand producer Joel Little, who is perhaps best known for working with Swift's pal, Lorde, on her debut EP and album.

Without question the tenor of the Taylor Swift Narrative changed most dramatically in July 2016, when Kim Kardashian West called her a snake” on Twitter, and released video clips of Swift and Kanye West discussing the lyrics to his song Famous.” (No need to rehash the details here. That tradition, she said, continues with The Archer,” which sounds like it'll be one of the more intimate offerings from Lover — she said it shows a glimpse into another side of the album” that previously released singles ME!” and Calm Down” didn't cover. Taylor Swift's ‘śLover'ť has an ad rolling in Taiwan that hints at a new song coming out on August 9th (August 10th there.) /u6U3EIsho0.

And then, shrewdly: But what if I do?” Pre-add Lover now and when it's released on August 23, the entire album will be added to your library instantly. The lead single from the album was "We Are Never Getting Back Together," which fans instantly noticed had a few references to Gyllenhaal in its music video The most damning evidence is that the music video features the video love interest giving Swift his scarf, which many fans believe is a reference to a scarf of Gyllenhaal's that Swift has been photographed wearing. There's obviously no way to know for sure, but fans are already making assumptions based off the song titles that she registered on GEMA, her pink and girly Instagram posts and the style of the three tracks that she's already released.

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