[Download] KANYE WEST - JESUS IS KING Album Download Zip Torrent Mp3

[Download] KANYE WEST - JESUS IS KING Album Download Zip Torrent Mp3

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The post, which features a praying hands emoji, has a photo of a notebook listing that seems to list to be the album's title, Jesus is King, as well as a 12-song tracklist and September 27th release date. Kim Kardashian West apparently just announced Kanye West's upcoming album, Jesus Is King on social media. It's unclear if Jesus Is King” refers to the album that West was working on in 2018 or is a completely different project: Last year, he was supposed to release Yandhi prior to Ye in September, but that release was eventually delayed and shelved.

For ages it appeared his next album would be the much-delayed Yandhi, but talk of that project died down as the rapper focused instead on gospel-flavored performances he called Sunday Services, the likes of which culminated with a much-discussed Coachella set It makes some kind of sense, then, that he'd call his new album Jesus Is King, even if it muddies up his own self-deification efforts. The album was seemingly inspired by Kanye's weekly Sunday Service sessions, where he regularly performs gospel-tinged songs with a choir. For close to a year now, Kanye West has been teasing the release of his upcoming solo album, Yandhi First announced in September, the record was initially supposed to be released on September 29th during West's Saturday Night Live appearance.

Well, this time it appears it will be happening for real with Kanye's new album titled ‘Jesus Is King‘ dropping on September 27th, and the tracklist proves it. Kim Kardashian Shares Tracklist Of Potential Kanye West Album ‘Jesus Is King' Coincidentally or not, the September 27 date would fall exactly one year after Kanye's release date announcement for YANDHI, his hyped 2018 album which subsequently never dropped.

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