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Can you help?

If everyone who read this gave $3, we could keep UNIFY thriving for years to come. 

Humanity is perhaps more divided now than ever before in history.  Right now, the need for a true global movement of UNITY has never been greater. 


UNIFY stewards and facilitates global collective intention, action, & impact to help build a world where all of humanity is unified. We are asking you today, to defend UNIFY’s independent ability to facilitate global peace and fair existence for all.  Less than 1% of UNIFY’s community gives to our ability to provide awareness and opportunities for real action. Without your support, UNIFY might cease to be able to provide these opportunities for free.


It’s hardly ever discussed, but the reality is that if enough people don’t pitch in every year, UNIFY wouldn’t survive. The only alternative, then, would be to solicit paid advertising which we believe would compromise the soul of our work.


We know that many may ignore this message. But if UNIFY is useful to you, if you resonate with the good that MUST be done in the world, please consider making a donation of $3, $13, $35 or whatever you can to protect and sustain the work of UNIFY. 

UNIFY is a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization.

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